A room for active learning

The Learning Lab Flexroom is built with the idea of active learning as a starting point, i.e. with technology and furniture that permits great flexibility to increase the potential for interaction between students, teachers, participants, lecturers, or essentially, all groups that use the room. Flexroom is the obvious choice for various process meetings, workshops, or group activities. In Black box mode, the room offers opportunities for total focus, but the room can also advantageously be used for more traditional meetings and lectures. 

Booking the Flexroom includes a planning meeting with the digital set designer to design the best experience.

Flexroom is 120 m2 and is primarily intended for groups of up to 30 people. For shorter sessions, it can take 60 people, but due to ventilation capacity, it is recommended that such sessions be limited to two hours. 

Grupper av människor som jobbar i Flexroom

Can be adapted to your needs

In neutral mode, Flexroom is “empty”. There is no basic layout for the furniture; the room is furnished based entirely on the needs of each individual booking. The chairs have wheels and are stackable for easy and efficient storage and arrangement. The tables are also equipped with wheels to facilitate quick rearrangement. The walls have two layers of draperies, one of which is black, which makes it easy to quickly create a blackbox in the room. 

In addition to basic lighting, there are flexible, directional lamps. A grid in the ceiling makes it possible to rearrange the lamps as needed. Similarly, electricity can be pulled in from the ceiling. Because of these features, the tables can always have good lighting and electricity, regardless of placement in the room. 

Advanced digital equipment

Flexroom is equipped with five portable screens (32″/ 81 cm) that can be placed out as needed as digital work areas. Three Flexroom walls are equipped with writable glass panels. Instead of a projector and screen, Flexroom has a large (75″/ 190 cm) clevertouch screen – a touch screen. This display screen is portable and can be placed anywhere in the room. There are also speakers that can be connected to computers, smartphones, or other devices. 

Flexroom has a direct connection to the Studio through an internal staircase and a balcony for an overview. Together, the rooms provide completely unique opportunities to tailor training programmes, workshops, or exhibitions. 

Book Flexroom

When you book the room, we will contact you to discuss your needs and wishes.


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