A room for fascination

The studio is a top modern space where we challenge ourselves to really use the entire space in workshops, meetings, exercises, presentations, exhibitions, etc. With the generous ceiling height, we can add another dimension to depth and width. In the Studio the sky is the limit! 

Naturally, the Studio can be used for more traditional lectures and meetings, but the purpose is to attract curiosity, the desire to experiment and boldness – how can we shape both minor and major aspects of the environment to create something we haven’t tried before? 

Booking the Studio includes a planning meeting with the digital set designer to provide the best experience. 

The Studio is 180 m2 with double ceiling height. It is primarily intended for active work with groups of up to 50 people. At exhibitions, etc., approximately 100 people can move around the room and for the rare cases when the room is used purely as an auditorium, over 120 seated people can gather.

Digital equipment

There are 12 ceiling projectors to project images onto three of the room’s walls. It is possible to project a cohesive image across all the walls, or to divide the walls into different display areas. In addition to basic lighting, the Studio has light boxes and LED strips that make it possible to adjust colours and light intensity. The Studio has speakers that can be connected to computers, smartphones, or other devices. 

Can be adapted to your needs

In neutral mode, the Studio is empty. The room is staged based entirely on the needs of each individual booking. The Studio has access to a number of modules, instead of furniture. They can be arranged as seating, tables, stage and writing surfaces. In addition, there are rugs and textiles that create an attractive environment. Read more and reserve the Studio. 

Book the Studio

When you book the room, we will contact you to discuss your needs and wishes.



Jonaz Björk

Digital Scenographer 073 024 65 91