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Porträttbild av Elyptas VD Karl Bergman


citat One big advantage is that expertise is close at hand, along with proximity to clinical activities. We think it’s a great environment, many good companies are here! Just move here! 

Karl Bergman, CEO of Elypta

Portättbild av Miljöbrons VD Miriam Markus-Johansson


citat Miljöbron moved into AWL in December 2019 and we love it! Being in a creative space with like-minded people provides the right attitude and energy that the team needs to be able to carry out our work! 

Miriam Markus-Johansson, CEO of Miljöbron

Our members

Aplex bios logga, länk till Aplex Bios hemsida

Aplex Bio

APLEX Bio develops reagents that enable highly parallelized detection of biomarkers in a disruptively easy and cost-efficient way.

Aprea therapeutics logga, länk till Aprea therapeutics hemsida

Aprea Therapeutics

Aspiring to be the global leader in p53-targeted cancer therapies.

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Calvia has its background in the development of administrative systems for the largest companies with complex information flows, material handling and logistics.


CartaNA’s technology has been described as Google Maps for finding how specific genes are expressed in the body. The technique is set to have a major impact on accelerating the development of new drugs.

Digital Diabetes Analytics

The system automatically analyzes all data generated by continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and generates interpretations of the underlying cause of glucose excursions and treatment recommendations. 

Digital Twin Cities Centre

Digital Twin Cities Centre is a national competence centre hosted by Chalmers University of Technology and funded by VINNOVA. The centre’s vision is to establish the Digital Twin City concept as the foundation for digital planning, design, construction, and management of sustainable, intelligent, and liveable cities and regions throughout Sweden by 2030.

Dimension Stream Labs

Creates secure streaming 3D volumetric video.

Disruptive Pharma

We develop novel drug products by applying a unique drug delivery technology.


Prevent cancer mortality through early detection by pioneering a metabolism-based liquid biopsy.

Empros Pharma

Empros Pharma develops pharmaceutical treatment against overweight and obesity.

Find Out Diagnostics

Makes health data available on the terms of the individual, by development, manufacturing and distribution of diagnostic self-tests.


Develops nature conservation solutions and provides qualified ecological planning for natural resource exploitation.

Hadean Ventures

A life science fund manager that invests in life science companies across Europe with a particular focus on the Nordic region.


Changing Behaviours the High-tech, High-touch Way.

Högskolan i Gävle

The University of Gävle is a modern university with a strong environmental profile.


A patent office that offers comprehensive intellectual property services, such as patents, design protection, innovation management, technology transfer and business development.

Innovationssluss Västerbotten

Innovationssluss Västerbotten helps both idea holders and companies that want to develop and test an idea.

Jenny Blad Fotograf

Photographer in Gothenburg focusing on portraits, companies and weddings.

Johanneberg Sciencepark

Sweden’s leading collaboration arena for community building. We co-create innovations for a society that is good for people and the environment.


Develops a new class of anti-inflammation and -cancer drugs. Kancera has two patent-protected drug candidates under clinical and preclinical development, respectively.


MediGelium AB provides services in drug development and applied surface and colloid chemistry.


Miljöbron is a sustainability agency and member organization that creates commitment, makes resources available and drives innovation for future entrepreneurship.

NL Miljö

Environmental consultant with a focus on environmental management, certified damp expert.


A software company that creates solutions that make it easier for groups, schools and companies to collaborate in a smarter, more human way.

Ostomy Cure

A company that has developed a revolutionary technology called Transcutaneous Implant Evacuation Solution, the TIES Solution


Sangair has developed a groundbreaking system to treat Sepsis. The system allows for a mild treatment of the patient’s blood using active oxygen.


The world’s first company specialized for production of recombinant selenoproteins

Shigeru GmbH

Aim to realize a society where worldwide people enjoy superior technology.


Sigholm offers high-quality services in project management in the construction industry, business development, optimization of district heating, digital solutions, management, development and visual communication.


Creates conditions for equal, accessible and person-centered care.

SLU Holding

Experts in helping research reach a market – and make a difference in society.

Stockeld Dreamery

Developes tastier and more nutritious alternatives to animal products.

Umeå Science Park

Umeå Science Park is owned by Umeå municipality, Umeå University and Region Västerbotten with the task of developing Umeå’s strongest growth area – the university.

Umeå universitet holding

Umeå University’s holding company that contributes to the commercialization and utilization of ideas generated by researchers, students and employees.

The Innovation Office at Umeå University

Researchers, students and employees can come to the Innovation Office to methodically investigate and develop research results as well as ideas in the early development phase for new products, services, methods and processes.


Fighting in government corridors, slums, refugee camps and remote villages for all children to have the childhood to which they are entitled.


Unify’s main purpose is to gather information about research and chemistry on an open platform.

VOC Diagnostics

Eenables a method to detect ovarian cancer through smell in a blood sample.


Develops, produces, markets and sells air handling units to the Nordic real estate market.

Volta Greentech

A Greentech company that, with the help of algae, works to reduce methane gases from cows.


Restaurant concept with a clear sustainability profile for reduced food waste.

Willuhn Consulting

Consultants within pharmaceutical development strategy based on Quality by Design.


Yara has a global position as a leading supplier of nitrogen-based mineral fertilizers and industrial products. The company is a world leader in ammonia, nitrates and specialty fertilizers.


Zozium are specialists in leadership and quality – mainly in life science.

Umeå Congress logga

Umeå Congress

Umeå Congress offers the latest mobile solutions for a modern and more environmentally friendly meeting.

Sveriges elevkårers logga

Sweden’s Student Unions

Sweden’s Student Unions is Sweden’s largest youth organization with members in high schools across the country.

Hemchecks logga


With Hemcheck’s concept Helge, hemolyzed blood samples can be detected quickly and easily directly at the time of sampling.

Stratipath Medicals logga

Stratipath Medical

Stratipath works to radically improve clinical decision-making and the therapeutic outcome for cancer patients with the help of new and cost-effective AI-based diagnostics.

Thioredoxins logga

Thioredoxin Systems

Thioredoxin Systems offers a versatile antibiotic treatment that has the ability to kill several different types of resistant bacteria.