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A Working Lab – Tomorrow’s approach to meeting, working and studying 

A Working Lab is Akademiska Hus’ national concept for co-working, makerspace, short contracts, Learning Lab and other flexible meeting places. It is our tool for developing campus-based environments where it is easy for students, researchers, the business community and other members of the community to meet under new flexible conditions. 

A Working Lab is under development in collaboration with those who occupy our premises, with the building itself as a test bed. Here companies, businesses and people with a variety of backgrounds can rent space for the time they need and gain access to services and physical environments based on their specific needs. Conferences, meetings, trainings and workshops are held here.

A Working Lab is a concept for developing together with our customers, and it is also the common name for our new meeting places and services that are being formed around the country. The first example was A Working Lab – Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg, which opened in the autumn of 2019. Our concept permeates the entire building there, but it can just as well be implemented in our existing environments and as part of a building.  

In the spring of 2020, we opened A Working Lab Universum in the middle of the Umeå campus and A Working Lab Innomedicum on the Solna Campus. 

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Our partners

A Working Lab is under constant development in close collaboration with our partners and based on the needs of our users. We are proud partners with an array of participators connected to the universities where we are located.  


Johanneberg Science Park is a leading collaborative arena in community building for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among academic, business and community stakeholders in the focus areas of community building, energy and materials.  


KI Holding leads and manages large parts of Karolinska Institutet’s innovation system. The business is mainly run through the wholly owned subsidiaries: Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB (KI Innovations), Karolinska Institutet Science Park AB (KI Science Park) and Karolinska Institutet Housing AB (KI Housing) 
KI Innovations is an innovation office, an incubator and a wholly owned subsidiary of Karolinska Institutet’s holding company with the task of providing innovation support to undergraduate and graduate students.  
KI Science Park is part of Karolinska Institutet’s innovation system, and will promote the application of research findings in the life sciences by creating a business development environment for the growth of start-ups and established companies.  
Every day, around the clock, Region Stockholm is responsible for healthcare services, public transport, and regional development in Stockholm County. Region Stockholm is also tasked with contributing to the cultural life of the county. 
Things logga
THINGS helps innovative solutions from tech companies scale and create increased value through collaboration with large companies. With the motto “hands on, business first”, THINGS has developed a community of about 100 member companies, from Tokyo to Silicon Valley. THING’s goal is to contribute to long-term business relationships for the member companies within Deep Tech.


Innovationssluss Västerbotten helps both innovators and companies that want to develop and test ideas that can improve healthcare services.  
Helps research in green industries to reach the market and make a difference in society.
Umeå Science Park, which is owned by Umeå Municipality, Umeå University and Region Västerbotten, is tasked with developing Umeå’s strongest growth area – the university. 
Umeå University Holding AB is Umeå University’s holding company with the task of helping to commercialise ideas generated by employees and students at Umeå University, as well as stimulating and participating in incubator activities.  
The Innovation Office paves the way for ideas and knowledge that are transformed into innovations and benefit. This applies both to individuals with an idea that can benefit the world and to companies interested in bringing in or collaborating on new innovations that fit their future development. 

Team A Working Lab

Ebba Kullin

Site Manager, Gbg 073 – 068 14 71

Jonaz Björk

Digital scenographer, Gbg 073 – 024 65 91

Veronica Wennerholm

Service manager, Gbg 072 209 15 00

Linus Mannerfors

Site Manager, Solna 073 – 089 50 95

Armando Cázares-Körner

Lab Manager, Solna 073 – 078 26 11

Satya Silcock

Service Manager, Solna 072 206 28 35

Simon Haggren

Site Manager, Stockholm 072 208 13 38

Philip Hopkin

Site Manager, Umeå 073 – 613 76 32

Åsa Johansson

Concept manager 073-545 57 10