Lab environments

Shared laboratory resources – here´s how it works 

Sharing instruments and facilities makes it easier for businesses to grow. We offer both private lab rooms or lab benches in shared facilities with their own office space nearby.  

The environments are equipped with fume cupboards, lab benches, laminar flow benches, fridge, freezer and more. In addition, all members share equipment in a “general lab”, which offers a wide variety of lab equipment such as pipettes, heating cabinets, centrifuges, ÄKTA instruments and PCR. All members have access to functions such as a clean water system, dishwasher and hazardous waste management. 

Waters – Open Accesslab

All members have access to special instrumentation and specialists in A Working Lab – Innomedicum.  

AWL has a collaborative agreement with Waters, who are experts in mass spectrometry technology. The collaboration includes an Open Access Lab where AWL’s Lab Manager guides members on how the instrumentation works, after which they have the opportunity to rent and use the equipment. 

People in Lab Environment
Lab Envitonments at Innomedicum

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