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Makerspace is the meeting place for creativity. Makerspace brings together people with a common interest in creating using both traditional tools and modern digital technology. Users have the opportunity to make prototypes, improve existing products, or just work creatively in general. It is a workshop equipped with both traditional tools and modern digital technology. The environment encourages and inspires new ideas and practical problem solving, or to extend the life of existing gadgets by repairing them in various ways, perhaps by manufacturing spare parts. 

We have chosen to build a Makerspace that suits many, instead of a specialised facility that only a few can use. In addition to tools, there is equipment for various textile projects. Woodwork, soldering and some printing work can also be performed. We also have 3D printers, milling cutters and lasers. Makerspace membership is available beginning in January 2021. We primarily see undergraduate and graduate students at Chalmers and GU as our members, but also companies.  

Makerspace is a place where not only the head, but also the hands can work. A space where curiosity and the desire to experiment are given free rein. The heart of Makerspace is its community, where people gather to share knowledge and experiences. 

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